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Interior painting

A new color on your walls, nice wallpaper in your dining or living room,… all of these things will make your house cozy. It’s clear that you can do these things yourself, but if you want true perfection and wallpaper placed completely straight, it’s advisable to hire a professional painter.


When our work is done, we leave you with a clean house, you won’t have to do anything yourself, except decorating. G&S Design will professionally paint your house or office in a new color. We paint walls, windows, doors and radiators. We discuss together which paint would be the most fitting for you project. If you wish we can offer you a color advice as well. 

Outdoor painting

Exfoliated paint on your windows or doors makes your house less appealing.  Don’t wait to long to get the exterior of your house painted.


When we paint outdoor, we always ask for technical advice at our paint supplier. Just to make sure that we have a high quality of adhesion, that it’s long lasting and you enjoy a guarantee on our work.


This way of working ensures us of not only a beautiful end result, but also an end result that is long lasting, which will pleasure you for a few years. 

Color advice

Do you find it difficult to determine the right color for your house or office? We help you with the color choice when you sign our offer. A few days before we start, we pass by to choose the right color together.


If you already have an idea of the color you like, than Glenn will pass by to help you choose the color which fits with your interior. If you have no clue on the color, then we can ask our color consultant to help you out.


I have worked the first few years as a painter employee in the private sector. With all my passion for this profession I decided to follow my big dream and started my own company in 2008. I paint and check every paint job my self. I set high standards. Our clients are the most important to us.

With respect for your interior, we cover all your floors and furniture before we start. We prepare our painting job by sanding with a machine which include an automatic vacuum system. Your house is worth being treated with respect and to look good. A good paint job doesn’t only give you comfort, it also adds value to your house for the future.

All the preparations and the painting on various surfaces are executed according the rules of the art, with high quality paint and with all the love I cherish for my job. We guaranty a high level finish.